Coastline - Shaftesbury Arts Centre

a response in paint, print, ceramics, wood and metal

An exhibition of work at Shaftesbury Arts Centre 9th-22nd October 2019.
Sea and land, sea and sky providing a horizon, a meeting of elements and a variety of geological surfaces weathered and worked over time. We witness these interactions when we visit the coast taking home inspiration and impressions that leave us richer. We walk along the shoreline collecting treasures brought in by the tide. The Dorset coast provides dramatic cliffs, rock formations, strata, pebble and sandy beaches. Sketches, colour studies and photographs over several years have resulted in a series of paintings and three-dimensional pieces looking at the landscape and the qualities of the rocks: Kimmeridge Clay, Shale, Chalk and the marks and potholes of places such as Dancing Ledge, at the water and the play of light upon it, at shapes, textures and objects that have been translated into form and pattern.